HBC Credit Card Scam

Maybe scam is a slightly strong word, but even the mildest forms of honesty has definitely been shat on and left to rot today. Had my suspicions in my previous post on HBC’s fraudulent intents but my confirmation has still been shocking since it’s still a decently large company with assumably a large customer base.

So I had a card with a balance and was never offered a way to pay for a month and a half. It has been impossible to get a balance figure so I can pay so far via the phone service or online. Emailing them and they would reply to call. Call and they would hang up. 

I finally decided to keep calling today until they answer (people usually get paid to do this). Their phonebot seem to be actually designed to make you give up as soon as possible as well. Very obvious circular navigation is clearly meant to make you despair and give up. Not that I really have a choice either since I received a mail saying they need ‘more information’ to process the card. Just another way of making you give up and rake up interest fees. Once someone finally picks up, their attitude is clearly designed to make you feel insulted and hang up as well. I haven’t had anyone talk to me in that tone of voice since at least 15 years. Finally, she confirmed to me that I would have indeed never been able to make a payment ‘on time’ had I not called. If I were frustrated and didn’t call, my payment would have still been due but I would have never received the actual card or any bills because they still needed ‘more information’ from me. 


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