Can’t pay HBC credit card?

Casually got an HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company) credit card the other day because they offered in store rebates (the clerk did pretty well to hide the fact that the rebate only applies once). Anyway, I was always weary of easy credits but thought I’d be careful and everything should be alright. I was given a temporary ‘card’ (just a receipt with a number) and shopped on it.

A month later, I never got a bill nor the real card. Pretty sketchy since I wouldn’t be surprised that they actively try to let you forget that you ever bought something on it and charge you 10 years of interest 10 years later. Not very happy but thought I’d be proactive and pay it out myself.

Went on the website to find my balance. On their online registration system, they actually refused to let me access my account online and when I called their account service, it auto hung up on me. WTFFF????? Is it an actual company policy to prevent customers from paying their bills until they’re ‘late’ on payment?


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